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Citizens State Bank of Hayfield commenced business on June 10,1910. The temporary banking site was located in Peterson Hall. In 1920 a new bank was constructed and occupied until November 17, 2003, when the bank moved to its new location on the corner of Highway 30. The Mantorville branch has been in its current location since 1981. The Dodge Center branch was acquired in May of 2010. In a world where big is often confused with better, it seems the needs of individuals are sometimes overlooked. From the very beginning, Citizens State Bank has always had a commitment to Hayfield, Mantorville, Dodge Center and the surrounding communities to deliver top of the line products and services. Our financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates, telephone banking and internet banking.

The main office is at 216 1st Ave NE, Hayfield, MN 55940 including an attached drive-up facility. The Mantorville office is located at 402 North Main Street, Mantorville, MN 55955. The Dodge Center office is located at 42 Main Street West, Dodge Center, MN 55927.

If we can provide better service to you, please don't hesitate to contact us in person or by phoning 507-477-2212 in Hayfield, 507-635-2481 in Mantorville or 507-374-6090 in Dodge Center.




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